Isn't it time you make the choice you won't regret?  

Maricopa Crisis Line (602) 222-9444

Catholic Charities counseling (602) 749-4408

 Sex addicts annonymous (602) 735-1681 

You have been sent this website because you were attempting to purchase commercial sex.  The purpose of this site is to educate you about the harms of prostitution for both you and the seller, and to help you better understand the consequences of your actions and find resources to seek help for sex addiction.  

Get help from men who understand this experience.

To report a tip or if you suspect human trafficking, please call the City of Phoenix Police  Vice Enforcement Unit  Hotline  (602) 426-1231

For information about the CEASE Phoenix Metro "Not Worth It" campaign in English and Spanish, please click on the images above or visit the "About" page on this website.

For more information about the City of Phoenix 5 year Compass Plan to erradicate sex trafficking, please click on the above image 

 Sex addicts annonymous (602) 735-1681 

Beatings, rapes and murder are a reality of prostitution.

Did you know buyers get robbed too?

​Do you really want to "buy" into that?

​Prostituted women would get out of the life if they had a choice.

Over half of the people advertising sex online are trafficked by a pimp.

Sexually transmitted disease and MRSA  can be transferred  to your wife or partner.

Phoenix Police are arresting men who buy sex.  

Do  you want to go to jail?

Do you want your family to know what you are doing?

Are you willing to take the risk and possibly end up on a sex offender registry?   

With new mandatory booking policy changes, you will be booked into jail, face a steep fine and lose your car for 30 days.